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Proven Quality Assurance

Geotext puts every translation through a QA protocol that includes copy editing, proofreading, and glossary implementation. All of these services, as well as basic formatting and real-time document tracking, are included in our standard rates.

Quality Assurance

Our expertise is legal translation, but our business from day one has been quality. It’s what’s made us a trusted partner to thousands of legal professionals worldwide. And why lawyers rely on our work when the stakes are high and translation accuracy is critical.

The right foundation
An excellent legal translation begins with an excellent translator. Every Geotext linguist is an accomplished professional, with many holding law degrees and other advanced degrees (PhDs, MBAs) in their specialist fields.

Every Geotext translator has been evaluated for subject-area expertise as well as language mastery. Only the truly elite (approximately 5% of our candidate pool) pass our screening process.

Multiple levels of expert review
Every Geotext translation receives comprehensive QA (quality assurance) to ensure accuracy and readability.

Translations are copyedited by legal editors native in the target language, proofread, and formatted to match the source text.

Certified and sworn translations, translations intended for publication, and translations from English into a foreign language receive a supplemental line-by-line review by a second expert linguist prior to full implementation of our QA protocol.

Translation-memory support
Geotext uses translation memory (TM) technology for terminology verification and glossary alignment. TM facilitates traceable error detection by automatically identifying inconsistencies, omissions, terminology errors, and formatting problems.

The technology is particularly useful for ongoing, long-term cases that involve multiple rounds of revisions and/or source files with similar content. You’ll receive a more consistent, higher-quality work product, and faster service.

Quality service
Our quality commitment extends far beyond our translations. It’s the defining feature of our client interactions, and fundamental to our partnership approach.

Real results
Geotext quality is about delivering real-world advantages to our clients. It’s why we continue to be the first choice for complex legal translation projects.

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