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Proven Quality Assurance

Geotext puts every translation through a QA protocol that includes copy editing, proofreading, and glossary implementation. All of these services, as well as basic formatting and real-time document tracking, are included in our standard rates.


Aren't all translation providers basically the same?
There's a common misconception that all translation providers who use freelance linguists (as we do) use the same translators. It’s certainly true that an elite legal translator will be free to work with whomever s/he chooses. But there is a vast difference between the vetting baseline of a specialist supplier, like Geotext, and those of the dozens of catch-all firms out there.

We’re approached almost daily by linguists touting their associations with generalist firms: “Eight years working with this agency, or ten years working for that one.” It’s very common, though, for us to reject a translator who has served as a primary resource for a generalist language-services provider. Typically, it becomes clear very early in the assessment translation that the candidate simply does not possess the required legal or technical expertise.

Our clients have very high standards. So do we.

What percentage of candidate translators pass your screening process?
This fluctuates, of course, but generally speaking we qualify approximately 5% of our candidate pool.

What kind of feedback do you provide for your linguists?
Given that Geotext translators have, on average, nearly twenty years’ legal translation experience, with many of them highly active in university translation programs and professional translation associations, we’ve found the optimal model to be real-time feedback from other top linguists.

Every certified translation is edited and reviewed by a second expert linguist, with feedback and edits shared with the original translator, who is then invited to assess and comment on the edits. Our translators have found this dialogue to be highly beneficial for their ongoing professional development.

How useful is machine translation?
Given the complexity of the material we translate, MT is very much a niche service. We do offer it, but are always very forthcoming about its limitations. MT is in no way a substitute for human translation.

The lowest per-word rate means the best overall price for the project, right?
There are a number of factors that can affect final project pricing, including duplication and near-duplication, end use of the translation, language pair, subject matter, indiscriminately applied rush charges, and so on.

For example, some providers will offer a low per-word rate and then bill for everything you submit, with no effort made to screen for duplication or near-duplication. This can significantly inflate your costs. Here’s a brief case study to provide some context: A Geotext client submitted 2.2 million words to be translated. By screening for duplication and eliminating redundant text, we were able to reduce the word count for translation to just over 700,000. This yielded a net-effective per-word rate reduction of nearly 35%, and a savings to the client of more than $100,000 on this single submission. If your provider isn’t screening for duplication, they’re costing you money – potentially a lot of money.

You also need to confirm exactly what your provider is including in their per-word rate. Is QA included? Project management? TM and glossary development? Pricing transparency should be the rule, not the exception.

What kind of QA (quality assurance) do you provide? Is it included in your per-word rates?
Quality is inherent to everything we do at Geotext. It’s the reason we specialize, in fact. When something is very important to you – when you need it done right but you can’t do it yourself – you go to a specialist. And you do that because the specialist’s quality is superior.

Our QA begins with a global recruiting commitment. We identify elite linguists, vet and test them, and approve only the very best. That means that your translations are produced by experts. Each translation then receives a comprehensive, multilevel review that includes copy editing, proofreading, glossary and style guide alignment, and true 24-hour support from knowledgeable professionals.

We include all of these services in our per-word translation rates. We always have, and we always will.

I have a 20-page patent I need translated. Can you give me an estimate without seeing the document?
We can give you an estimate, but it’s far better for us to be able to evaluate the full source text. Being able to assess the material firsthand allows us to gauge complexity, as well as get a sense of any formatting requirements that might affect turnaround time.

We understand that it won’t always be possible for you to send the source files, and of course we’ll work closely with you to provide as accurate an estimate as possible.

Do you work in other industries?
We translate documents and provide language solutions for legal professionals across all practice areas and industries. Basically, if it’s important to a lawyer or legal support professional, we translate it. You can check out our experience here.

Do you provide services beyond document translation?
Absolutely. We offer legal professionals comprehensive, customized solutions and simplified procurement. With a single phone call or e-mail, you can book an interpreter, schedule a team of linguists to review documents on-site, or have us edit an existing translation. We can also partner with your e-discovery vendor to screen for duplication.

You save time and money, obviously, by centralizing your procurement with us, but most importantly, you’ll benefit from the kind of consistency and quality that only a legal-industry specialist can provide.

What’s your availability?
Geotext is always available. We transition workflow according to time zone and are fully staffed on weekends and holidays. We can translate your documents according to your schedule.

My matter is highly confidential. What kind of data security do you provide?
Confidentiality and security are fundamental to our business. We work with highly sensitive material on a daily basis and have established a number of legal and technological safeguards (ranging from client-approved nondisclosure agreements to the deployment of a virtual private network) to protect our clients’ interests. We can customize a solution to meet any security requirement. Please contact a Client Service Director to learn more.

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