Proven Quality Assurance

Geotext puts every translation through a QA protocol that includes copy editing, proofreading, and glossary implementation. All of these services, as well as basic formatting and real-time document tracking, are included in our standard rates.


Law firms and multinational corporations rely on Geotext’s legal translations and expert project management for critical energy-related matters.

What have we been working on?

Recent project experience
We were retained in 2007 to provide centralized translation and transcription services for multiple law firms defending a prominent energy company in an environmental damages and contract litigation in Latin America. We have since provided millions of words of Spanish <> English translation and transcription for this matter, using a team of 100+ specialist linguists.

Please see the case studies below for additional examples of our recent work. To learn more about Geotext's services for Energy professionals, please contact a Client Service Director.

Recent Casework: Energy

  • We’ve worked for years on what is widely regarded as the largest-value commercial dispute in history. Our clients, the former managers of a prominent petroleum company, rely on us to translate highly complex tax and legal documents. Our linguists for this matter have, on average, more than 24 years’ legal translation experience, and the majority hold law degrees. Among the thousands of translations we’ve provided was the claim resulting in a successful ruling from the European Court of Human Rights. Because a component of our client’s claim was a linguistic issue, the accuracy and consistency of our translations across more than five years’ worth of Russian court documents proved critical to our client’s success.
  • We’ve provided certified translations for arbitration hearings involving a leading energy company in Brazil and an underwater oil pipeline.
  • We’ve provided high-volume Spanish translation of environmental expert reports involving a South American environmental advisory company and its analysis of the mining activities of a construction company.

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