Proven Quality Assurance

Geotext puts every translation through a QA protocol that includes copy editing, proofreading, and glossary implementation. All of these services, as well as basic formatting and real-time document tracking, are included in our standard rates.

Case Studies

To date, Geotext has provided translation services for 700+ law firms and corporate legal departments. Our project record includes the largest litigation in history, the largest arbitration in history, the largest bankruptcy in European history, and the largest bribery investigation ever conducted.

Each week, we’re enlisted by Global 100 firms to provide urgent turnaround of legal, financial, and technical translations for court filing and production to government agencies; our work product must be expertly aligned within strict time constraints. Our ability to consistently meet these exacting benchmarks has led to preferred partnerships with several of world’s largest law firms.

Case Studies: Expert Solutions

  • We were retained for a site-restricted anticorruption investigation in Europe. It was a high-volume matter ultimately involving more than 9,000 files, 18 source languages, and 180+ linguists. To customize service for our client, the Geotext team created server and document management systems that complied with the site restrictions, developed extensive glossaries across each of the project languages, and coordinated on-site translation and document review at our client’s offices. We kept the project on time and on budget for the case’s duration.
  • A leading firm submitted more than a million pages for possible use in a multidistrict patent litigation involving multiple electronics companies. We consulted with our client, then assembled a team of fifty expert translators to assess, code, and index the documents remotely. Our client saved time – and substantially reduced costs – by being able to identify which of its documents warranted full translation.
  • The trustee charged with recouping funds in a historic financial fraud submitted more than two million words for certified translation. Rather than simply charging on a per-word basis for everything submitted (as many providers would have), we screened the submission for duplication and near-duplication and were able to reduce the word count for translation to approximately 700,000. This resulted in a net savings to the client of more than $100,000 on this single submission.
  • For a merger review involving one of the world’s largest law firms, Geotext was contacted to provide machine translation of more than 100,000 files. Knowing that the translations were to be submitted to the government, we explained the limitations of machine translation to our client before beginning the project. Our client decided to use the machine output to identify 15,000 essential documents for full translation out of the original 100,000. Geotext performed the full (human) translation within the span of three weeks.
  • We received a request for expedited translation of 18 agreements in 4 languages. After learning that cost-reduction was a priority for our client, we proposed having our linguists search the source files for critical information, which would then be translated, and provide in-depth summaries – rather than translating the agreements in full. The result? Summaries and targeted translation saved our client 82% compared to the cost for full translation.
  • A client contacted us for an EEA-restricted matter involving millions of words. Working closely with their procurement team, we established a secure virtual environment for the performance of translation work – significantly reducing delivery times while accommodating all site restrictions.
  • Many of our clients rely on their e-discover vendors for de-duping. Based on our experience, technology-based screening often overlooks much of the near-duplication that occurs among files that are not exact matches.

    To maximize our clients’ cost savings and ensure a high-quality product, Geotext has professional translators screen for redundant and similar text. Source files are then indexed and grouped, with similar documents assigned together to ensure consistency and allow for the fastest possible turnaround.

    For example, we’re currently assisting a client with a major contract litigation. To simplify procurement, we’re working directly with our client’s e-discovery provider, who uploads output to our team for translation. Though each submission has been screened for duplication by the discovery vendor prior to upload, our team has consistently identified significant additional duplication.

    The result? Savings to our client of more than $500,000 to date.

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